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How to Prepare for your Treatment


Please use the following information to help you prepare for your pest control treatment.

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How to Prepare: Cockroaches spend a majority of their day in hiding, so for effective treatment we need access to their hiding spaces.  To help facilitate this, please remove any items from counters, cupboards, dressers, etc. where roaches have been noticed.  Do not return items to cupboard or counter for at least four hours after treatment.  Please avoid cleaning treated areas for as long as possible.  Please do not touch treated areas until all products have had adequate time to dry. 

What to Expect: We treat using a combination of products, such as baits, dusts, traps and sprays.  Generally customers see improvements within a few days. Total eradication may be achieved in one treatment, but generally takes multiple treatments.  We recommend treatments every 2 to 4 weeks until roaches are gone.  In most cases it is okay to be present while we treat for roaches, but if you are chemical-sensitive we recommend leaving.  Please avoid touching all treated areas until our spray dries completely. For roach control only interiors are treated.   

How to Keep Them Away:  Cleanliness is the most important factor in the Northwest for eradicating roaches for two reasons.  First, the products we use lose their effectiveness when applied to dirt and grime.  The second reason is that if you leave food and water out, you will continue to feed the roaches which will then avoid our baits.  Please make sure that no dirty dishes are left out for long periods of time and that there is no standing water where roaches are present.  Also eliminating clutter helps eliminate their harborages. 

Seattle Exterminators and Pest Control


How to Prepare: To get rid of ants we need to know where the ants are, so please pay attention to where ants have been noticed and let your technician know.  To help facilitate us in our efforts, remove items from where the ants have been seen.  For instance, if you’ve noticed ants on your kitchen counter, remove all items from your counter.  Generally you do not need to leave your home for our ant treatment as our process is localized to where the ants have been seen.  Please do not touch treated areas until all products have had adequate time to dry. 

What to Expect: Each ant situation is different.  Many times people see results within two to three days; however, there are always exceptions and successful ant eradication can take multiple treatments. For successful ant eradication we use baits which can cause an increase of ant activity for a short period.  Please allow two to three weeks for our initial treatment to take its full effect.  After that, please let us know if you need a follow-up visit.  90% of the time we eradicate ants within two visits. 

How to Keep Them Away: Avoid cleaning treated areas for as long as possible.  DO NOT spray any store-bought products on areas where we have treated.  Store-bought products will cause our products to lose their effectiveness and can possibly make things worse.  Also, do not leave any food out where ants are present.  Other factors on the exterior of your home can contribute to ants returning and your technician will provide you with this information on our first visit. 

Seattle Exterminators and Pest Control

Bed Bugs

How to Prepare:  Bed bugs are the most difficult pest to eliminate that we encounter.  More than any other pest, bed bug eradication depends on your cooperation.  Here is a checklist of ways to prepare for a bed bug treatment:

  1. Wash and dry all clothes and bedding found in infested rooms.
  2. If possible, do not return clothes to dressers until bed bugs are eliminated:
    1. It is recommended that  clothes should be kept in air-tight containers or bags, such as ziplock bags or storage bins, until bed bugs are gone
  3. Prior to our treatment, remove all bedding and pillows from the bed.
  4. Remove all items from underneath the bed
  5. Purchase a mattress encasement for all mattresses AND box springs in infested rooms. 
    1. There are only two types of mattress encasements that are proven effective in bed bug control, Protect-a-Bed (Allerzip Terry Cloth) and Mattress Safe.  Other brands may advertise they protect you against bed bugs, but their quality is much less than these two recommended brands. 
    2. You may purchase these mattress encasements through Eco Elite Pest Control or through another distributor.  Your technician will have a price list available for you or you may email us and request a price list.  Prices range from $40 to $100.
  6. Eliminate clutter as this provides harborage for bed bugs.

What to Expect: Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eradicate for numerous reasons.  Bed bugs have become somewhat resistant to today’s chemicals.  Because of this there is no “silver bullet” for getting rid of them.  The industry standard for eradicating bed bugs is between 3 – 5 treatments.  It is recommended that treatments are done every two to four weeks.  Some of the products we use for bed bug treatments do have an odor, so you are sensitive to smells, you may choose to leave. 

How to Keep Them Away: This may sound obvious, but stop bringing bed bugs into your house!  If you travel frequently, check your hotel rooms and also check your luggage.  If your friends or family have bed bugs and you visit their home, there’s a good chance they are catching a ride to your home.  Also, when buying used furniture, inspect all items carefully to ensure they are bed bug free. 

Seattle Exterminators and Pest Control  

How To Prepare: Before we visit your home, please vacuum all carpeted areas and couches/chairs and then throw away the bag or empty the canister.  Wash all pet bedding in hot water.  Also, please treat your pets with vet-approved flea treatments.  YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR HOME FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS AFTER OUR TREATMENT.  Fish tanks should be covered with a towel and circulator turned off or unplugged.  Pets should also be removed from the home during and after treatment. 

What to Expect: Fleas lay eggs that fall into your carpet and will continue to hatch.  Generally fleas are eradicated within two weeks.  If fleas are still present after two weeks, you will need another flea treatment.  Rarely does a home require more than one or two treatments. 

How to Keep Them Away: YOU MUST VACUUM ALL CARPETED AREAS DAILY FOR TWO WEEKS. The vibrations from the vacuum cleaner will stimulate the flea eggs and cause them to hatch early and come in contract with our treatment.  Again,  make sure all pets are treated with vet-approved flea treatments. 

Seattle Exterminators and Pest Control


How to Prepare: Please move items away from walls where spiders have been noticed. 

What to Expect: Spiders can be difficult to eradicate quickly as they have long legs and can walk over traditional products untouched.  Depending on your home will dictate how we treat.  Many times treating the exterior of your home will get rid of their food source, bugs, and in turn will help your spider problem.

How to Keep Them Away: Make it difficult for the spiders to survive in your home.  If you see spider webs or spider eggs, simply vacuum them up or wipe them away.  Trim trees and shrubs away from the house so spiders are not able to build their webs.  Each home is different and your technician will provide you with suggestions to keep spiders away. 

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